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A scientific breakthrough recruiting your own body's natural agents to rejuvenate your face and make you look years younger


What is platelet rich plasma (Vampire Facelift)

Platelet rich plasma has been used extensively for numerous years in: Plastic surgery, Orthopaedics, Dentistry and  soft tissue implants. Platelet Therapy is the latest treatment which uniquely uses the ingredients of your blood to rejuvenate tired aging skin along with fine lines and wrinkles. The unique ingredients of your blood are your platelets, which are converted to platelet rich plasma by the Vampire Facelift technique. Platelet rich plasma is injected into your skin and stimulates new collagen formation, resulting in the rejuvenation of your skin...making it look fresher and vibrant.

Platelet rich plasma is enriched with,

  •  Platelets

  •  Stem cells

  • Growth factors

Where can Vampire Facelift  be used

It is ideal for enhancing the skin texture of the, Eye area, Face, Neck, Hands and

great for Acne scarring. It can be injected into target areas of concern or the full

face can be treated. 


Platelet Rich Plasma is unique as there is no risk of allergy or rejection as your

own blood products are used. There is  no risk of allergy or rejection..we are using

your own blood.


The  procedure

A small amount of blood is taken and the PRP are extracted ready for treatment. The skin is prepared with a topical anaesthetic. The PRP are  injected back into the skin using a very fine needle. The procedure is quite comfortable with minimal discomfort. The procedure takes around 1 hour. 


After the treatment
The skin may have mild redness, there is the possibility of swelling and bruising. Clients can return to normal activities following treatment.


The Results

They are not immediate .. PRP takes time to work, collagen is slow at forming,  results are seen around 12 weeks and the final result may take 12 months.


How many treatments will I need

From our experience, one treatment will give a quick rejuvenation, the skin will feel much firmer and look refreshed. However a course of 3 is required for problomatic skin, or for clients that require more improvement 3 treatments are required at 4 week intervals.


How long do results last

Results can last up to 18 months and a touch up treatment is advised around this time.


Clients that are not suitable for this treatment are: 

Platelet disorders and low platelet counts
Liver disease
Blood clotting disorders
Blood thinning medication (anticoagulants)
Auto immune disease



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Vampire Facelift -Platelet Rich Therapy- Facial Rejuvenation


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