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Eyebrow Pigment/Tattoo
         Laser Removal

Laser tattoo/pigment removal is the most effective way to remove unwanted eyebrow pigment.

Laser tattoo removal treatment plan will work toward a full removal. Each laser session will breakdown the implanted pigment and reduce the colour.

Laser tattoo removal on woman's eyebrows in a beauty salon.jpg

How does laser eyebrow tattoo/pigment removal work?

A hand held laser device is aimed at the eyebrow tattoo/pigment, the concentrated energy in the laser light is targeted directly to the tattoo/pigment.


The wavelength light emitted from the device disrupts the natural state of the pigment by shattering the ink molecule. Breaking  it down small enough for the lymphatic and immune system to remove the smaller particles of ink.  

Tattoo/pigment removal works to remove any unwanted ink that is present, with each treatment the tattoo/pigment will fade and lighten. 


The amount of treatment sessions will depend on the type of tattoo/pigment you have, some are more difficult to remove than others. Also the amount of sessions will depend on what result you wish to achieve, whether it be total removal or partial removal. 


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