Collagen Injections

Nithya - Ageing and Photo Ageing Treatment with Heterologus collagen Type 1. The Collagen powder stimulates production of fibroblasts that create native Type 3 collagen, a process that is the cornerstone of cosmetic medicine and anti-aging treatments. This method has been used for almost 30 years in the form of a lyophilized collagen patch and is still used with success in: healing of skin ulcers, open wounds, scars and bedsores. Nithya is safe, without side effects and does not induce any allergic reactions, while also giving excellent results.

The treatment

Anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin and the product also contains an anesthetic for client comfort. Nithya collagenis in liquid form and is injected using very short (4 mm) mesotherapy needle. Small deposits of the product are delivered at 1-3cm intervals over the treated area of ​​the skin. After the treatment the skin is gentley massaged. There may be some redness, burning, swelling, itching or tenderness but this generally resolves, spontaneously within a few minutes or up to 7 days, as everyone is individial and will respond slightly differently.


The first effects: skin tone, brightening will be visual at 14 days post treatment and the full effect of the treatment (skin tensioning, density, thickening of flabby skin, filling in fine lines and skin defects) is evident at 4 weeks. It is recommended that a maintenance therapy is delivered every 3 months.


The results will last 12 months however with a maintainance treatment at 3 months you can enjopy the results for much longer. Succinol atellocollagen Nithya provides natural regeneration and restores the skin’s natural structure by restoring collagen fibers and stimulating the production of new own collagen.  Nithya achieves this by producing the optimal conditions to restore connective tissue. It supplements dermal bio-revitalisation and assists the regeneration of connective tissue in the dermis proving perfect conditions for the physiological net-formation of collagen. Nithya can be used for body and facial chrono- and photo-aging treatments. 

The result is a ‘younger look’ which you can enjoy for up to 12-18 months.

How many treatments will I need

For younger clients a once only treatment can achieve that boost your skin needs, giving it radience and a glow however for a more  intense rejuvination 4 treatments are preferred with an interval of 2 weeks. 


Which areas can be treated Face, Neck, Hands or Chest.

Cost £210 per one area